Stay Awhile

There are many reasons to be a proud Ohioan.  In some ways and on certain days, it pays to be a Buckeye.  Since wearing my Ohio pride on my sleeve doesn’t seem to be enough, I figured I should probably plaster it on the internet. After spending more hours than I should say on the web reading food blogs, scrolling through beautiful décor images, and glancing at a restaurant menu here and there, I finally came to the conclusion that I should have a spot of my own in the blogosphere. I have yet to find a succinct blog with adventures and opinions all things Columbus, a site to graze the fun and cool places to eat, play, and discover in the Buckeye state. While most of the adventures chronicled on Hi Darling will be Columbus related, don’t hate me if from time to time I go explore someplace else for a while, for Ohio has my heart. And here’s a step inside…

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