Ice Cream gone fancy

What’s delicious and flavorful but also sweet? Unique ingredients but also a treat? JENI’S!


Originally from Columbus, a native woman finds her calling in constructing the most dream like concoctions that only a genius could think of. Ugandan vanilla bean, Goat cheese with cognac fig sauce, & Wild Berry Lavender are just a couple of the top sellers.  All the ingredients are fresh and either found from valleys in Ohio to exotics from Japan.  Every ice cream, sauce, marshmallow, and praline are made from scratch in Jeni's production kitchen here in Columbus.  



Their orange graphic is a simple yet distinctive design that perfectly suites the crafty flavors.  They just put up this flower tissue paper décor, that is just too adorable! DIY with colored tissue paper and pipe ties- fold the tissue to create a long rectangle, tie a pipe cleaner in the center, trim the two ends to curves  & fluff! Voila!


Jeni's has 6 locations in Central Columbus, but her delicious ice cream can be found across the nation in grocery stores such as Dean & Deluca or you can order online here!
Watch the video above to really see what Jeni's ice cream is all about.

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