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On a sunny day with loads to do, my friend and I decided to take a load off to try the new “bakery around the corner,” The Angry Baker.  Nestled right between German Village and Old Town East- is a cute lime green cafe on with treats galore. Their pastries range from simple to complicated with kolaches, a salted caramel apple pies, and vegan blueberry brownies. 

 Via Angry Baker

Breakfast and lunch are both served throughout the day- which made it a perfect fit for both of our moods.  My friend ordered the vegan sloppy joe & I, the opposite. It’s a French toast sandwhich nestled in between ham & swiss, drizzled in Ohio maple syrup. Some might call it heart attack, I call it Tuesday.

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The place only has seating for about 12, luckily there was a spot for us at the counter.  On my visit- the Angry Baker was only one month old and you could tell they were just starting to get in the swing of things.  The owner, Vicki Hink, was not necessarily angry, which could be said differently for her sassy male employee.  This did not, however, hinder their ability to serve some delicious bites.  I can't wait to go back here for more of their vegan and gluten free desserts. Maybe even tomorrow!

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