Jam, Jellies, Preserves, oh my!

Goes. On. Anything. It's a fabulous sweet that's acceptable morning or night and is just the perfect fix to end a meal.  

Jelly: made from fruit juice
Jam: made from pureed fruit
Preserves: made from whole fruit.

Favorite Jellies
Bexley Jam Sweet Thing Gourmet has combinations that spice up a morning or a simple peanut butter & jelly.  
Raspberry JalapeƱo Jam Sweet and spicy! Enjoy this as a dip over cream cheese. 
Chai Apricot Jam An exotic blend of apricots, chai, and spices. 
Lavender Peach Jam A most unusual yet compelling taste. 
Try over vanilla ice cream, or glaze a fresh peach tart with 
1/2 cup simmered with a touch of white wine.

Far away jams Christine Ferber, you can import jellies from the famous chef Christine all the way from Alsace, France. 
Gooseberry Jelly will make you pucker.  Fruits, sugar, apple pectin, lemon juice.

Label Jam Spoon, pick up at your local gourmet store or order online. They have the WORLD'S best blueberry jam (or at least to me).
Blueberry Spoon’s Blueberry jam is never cloyingly sweet or pasty like some over-cooked commercial jams. The individual blueberries maintain their texture and delicate flavors--sun-drenched and totally...well... blueberry. 

Make your own jam & labels with fruits, sugars, fabrics, yarn, and mason jars!  Eat Drink Chic offers adorable labels that you can download for your own use.  Follow the steps to make your own jam from Pick Your Own.

Enter your own jelly or jams at next years Columbus North Market Farmers Festival here.  



I loved my room growing up- my classic go to's of blue and white. No complaints. It was luxe. But now I'm annoyed seeing this bedroom by Serena & Lily- what a perfect High School room... snooze you lose.


Wedding Season

Just returned from a wedding in Dallas of a couple that is so in love. Thought I would post some of my favorite wedding images. 


Office Space

Like everything needs a place, everyone needs a space.  To call their own.  My personal office is my favorite space to be in when I'm not in the kitchen. Here are some desks I wouldn't mind calling my own. 

 And they continue... 

 Not your average cork board.

 A hot pink seat cover makes an office really pop.

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