Pita House

After much hesitation from the bold block yellow sign & strip mall-esque location, I stopped by Pita House.  Feeling vulnerable and hungry I wandered inside on my way home, not wanting to prepare a lunch myself. I took a chance on referral and am so happy I did.

2996 E Broad Street

Pita house is a casual Mediterranean eatery with non-expensive fresh choices.  There are plenty of vegetarian options of grape leaves, eggplant salad, hummus, tabuli, and more. The restaurant is a clean environment that’s excellent for pick up or a quick stop in.  Though it’s a generic set up- there’s some type of effort for décor, which is appreciated. It seems that it is a competitor to the Bexley Aladdin’s, but with cheaper fresher food.

Wanting to try an assortment of dishes on view Chipotle style, an employee informed me of the large plate salad where you chose 5 salads with a side of pita bread. All for around $6, what a deal!! I chose the tomato cucumber dish, hummus, tabouli, eggplant and zucchini salad, and whole sliced tomatoes. The man in front of me ordered a large falafel sandwich with taziki dressing that looked beyond scrumptious. I think it’s a must for when I return along with hummus for the house instead of the typical store bought containers.  It’s made in house and has a wonderful creamy texture. On my way out I noticed lemon juice on the tables to serve as a condiment. Citrus is bliss. 

All images by me.


  1. This restuarant has been sitting around the corner from me for awhile already. I'm definitely going to try it now.

  2. My mom sort of said the same thing, I noticed it last time I was home.