Market District

Yes, it's a chain grocery store, but none the less it is still a step up for the greater Columbus area.  It's located over in Upper Arlington, with the other three locations in PA. Having gone to college in Dallas, I was spoiled by Central Market & Eatzi's readily available to me at convenient locations.  Giant Eagle's Market District has a large grocery store feel but is inspired by "open-air markets of Europe."

Enter through the prepared food section to different stations and live food demonstrations and eventually make it over to the regular grocery store.  It is all quite my cup of tea.  With every food department, comes an expert for each, whether it is in the cheese, meats, candy, beer, or cosmetics. I was even more impressed with the game selection of duck, lamb, veal, rattlesnake, elk, python, & venison. They have an entire section devoted to all Ohio products too. You have to go check it out!!

Salad Station

I've made my ideal roll with Mr Sushi multiple times!

Crepes & Waffle Station

My favorite station with Indian flavors & delicious naan  
400 types of imported, domestic, & artisan cheeses 
Pizza by the slice or make your own

A candy section can speak for itself. But this one had me at hello when the woman asked me if I wanted to sample today's chocolate dipped potato chips... like you even have to ask.


For the home

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