Bubbles- the tea & juice company has more than an adorable logo, they offer delicious juices, smoothies and bubble tea, all made to order.  They are one of the many great vendors at The North Market I love to visit, especially to get my health fix.  

Two months ago I tried my first wheat grass shot & have been hooked since.  Served with an orange slice, you take the wheat grass as you would a shot, except you swirl it around in your mouth then swallow.  The reason is it is good for your gums- acts as a protectant. Wheat grass juice provides the equivalent of 2 POUNDS of leafy green veggies! 
Wheatgrass shot & Cucumber carrot juice

Benefits of wheat grass:
  • increases red blood cell count
  • acts as an anti inflammatory
  • acts as a cleanser, similar to the bodies hemoglobin
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, E, & K

Their freshly squeezed juices allow you to chose up to 3 different fruits & veggies, squeezed fresh to make healthy juice on the go.  Some of my favorite combinations are carrot, apple, and ginger/cucumber, lemon, and ginger/spinach, orange, and parsley!! See their full menu for ideas or make your own!

Citrus Serenade
Green tea mints
Not in the mood for smoothies, juice, or wheatgrass? Bubbles has an extensive tea selection from milk tea, hot tea, iced tea, & loose leaf tea.  Their milk tea is great, not too sweet, and has healthy Boba inside.  Boba- which is basically tapioca balls, are a great chewy texture that are super good for you & serve as a nice bite with the milk tea.  I'm already excited for my wheat grass tomorrow!!

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