Royal Wedding

It seems that everyone is going into overload for William & Kate's upcoming ceremony.  In anticipation of the nuptials Jeni's Ice Cream has come out with 4 flavors available online for limited time only. The entire collection is $60.00 and should be ordered April 27th for Friday delivery or May 4th for Mother's Day.

Prince William's Chocolate Biscuit Groom's Cake
Dark Chocolate ice cream and rich butter biscuits soaked in Lyle's Golden Syrup, with a sprinkle of sea salt.
Eton Mess
A tip of the hat to a dessert from Prince William's alma mater, Eton College, it's royal mess of hand-layered vanilla cream, strawberry sorbet, and raspberry sauce studded with hand-piped meringue stars.
The Royal Wedding Cake
Molasses ice cream with brandied raisins, dates, and pineapple, with lemon zest, walnuts, and traditional spices.
White Stilton on Toast with Champagne-soaked Bilberries
A Royal Champagne Brunch: pungent white Stilton cheese with brown bread crumbs and a generous helping of Champagne-plumped (blueberry-like) bilberries.

If this isn't enough for your wedding fix, browse the official website of The Royal Wedding 2011. 

Dress Rehearsal for carriage and staff of Buckingham Palace, via Flickr
Fiona Cairns, Royal Wedding Cake Designer via Flickr

Everyone is talking about the big day, which will now be a paid holiday for England.  Designers, spectators, retailers, media, and everyone alike are in anticipation of Friday. Have your own Royal Party with these simple suggestions to make it your own. High Tea doesn't have to be in London. It can be in the comfort of your own home in Columbus.

Georgetown Cupcakes in DC

 Printable collection by http://www.birdsparty.com/welcome.html
Via Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

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