A little spruce

The night before I go to bed- I get excited for the next morning's coffee. True. Mornings that I'm not out the door and headed off to Starbucks- I'm in my kitchen with a pot of spruced up coffee.

I'm beginning to take my coffee black more- but this is new. And I believe most things in life, whether food or not, can use sprucing.

Some of my favorite add-ins: 

  • Milk- mostly used to balance the coffee's acid
  • Soy Milk
  • Sweetener: Truvia, Stevia & Splenda are 0 Cal
  • Coffee-mate makes great sugar free flavors 
  • Cinnamon sticks in coffee grounds
  • Splash of ground cinnamon
  • Coco powder to make a mocha- add half a packet 
  • Fiber- tasteless but beneficial
  • Lemon slices- add to the acidity to make more refreshing

There are always a handful of syrups that you can chose from.  To avoid an overwhelming taste- don't add more than a teaspoon.  The cinnamon sticks are great for placing in the coffee grounds- the flavors brew with the grounds to make a nice aroma. 

Remember when brewing the perfect pot of coffee...
  • Use Cold filtered or bottled water when possible
  • Pay attention to what filters you buy- I prefer non bleached.
  • For every 6 oz of water use 1 tbsp- adjust to preference
  • Ground coffee  "should" be used within 7 days- so unrealistic, just keep sealed
  • After 20 minutes past brew time, coffee never tastes as good

Now if I just could get through all these mags

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