Paris Tea

Harney & Sons  has the absolute best tea. I don't even like tea. I'm a wanna be tea liker. The eye catching canisters always peak my interest and lead me to the checkout line. Everytime I get home I am disappointed.  It wasn't until last month when I had Paris tea by Harney & Sons and finally the one.

Paris, from the classic collection, is a black tea blend with vanilla and lemon. It divine. Harney & Sons Tea has 200 varieties stemming from the gardens of Asia and India.  On each tin there's a tea rating from 0 to 5. Paris tea ranks of 1, 2, and 4 respectively.  
Briskness (Does your mouth pucker?)
Body (Does the tea fill your mouth?)
Aroma (Does the tea have a robust scent?) 

A little milk & a little splenda makes it just my cup of tea =)

Booth at SIAL Paris 2010
A flagship store opened just last Fall 2010 in Soho that I am beyond excited to visit in June. No time to make it to Europe or NY? The Bexley Coffee Shop on Cassady has a large selection of Harney & Sons that makes the perfect gift for you or a friend! 

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